How Do We Support an Albee Aryel Fellow?

The foundation supports fellows in the following ways: Not every Fellow needs everything we offer; assistance is customized to each Fellow's needs:

1. Financial support

a. We backstop tuition, books and fees
b. We provide commercial health/dental/vision insurance at no cost to the Fellow
c. We pay for groceries for Fellows who don’t have enough to eat
d. We assist with transportation and rent
e. We provide clothing suitable for job and professional/graduate school interviews

2. Academic, social and career support

a. We meet regularly with each Fellow to assess academic progress
b. We provide tutoring
c. We provide career guidance and mentoring, including help with resumes and cover letters
d. Fellows can reach us 24/7 by phone text or email in the event of an emergency or a crisis

3. How much does it cost to support one Fellow every year?

a. The average annual tuition, books and fees we paid totaled $9,000
b. The average health and dental insurance premiums we paid totaled $4,400, and provider co-pays were $1,200. In 2023, we expect that cost to rise at least 35%
c. We provided an additional $1,000 in assistance for rent, transportation, and food.