Meet Our Heroes

The Heroes of the Albee Aryel Foundation are the kind, generous people who donated to support our Fellows and who told us they believe in the Albee Aryel Foundation’s ability to make a difference in our community.

A group of people standing next to each other.

Reno Mayor Hillary Schieve headlined our first fundraiser in August 2022, and threw her support to our Fellows. She personally donated $1,000.00 and encouraged others to donate to the foundation. We are grateful for her confidence in the Foundation and our Fellows.

Heroes who donated at least $100.00 include:

Duck Pond Investments L.L.C. $23,000.00
Richard Aryel $10,000.00
Alan London and Kim Weiss $8,000.00
George Shoenberger $3,000.00
Jose Corral $3,000.00
Nevada State Bank Foundation $2,500.00
Reno City Council $2,000.00
Joe Mama’s Kitchen and Bar $1,355.00
Hillary Schieve $1,000.00
Merrilyn Martin Charitable Fund $1,000.00
Adi Shmueli, Ph.D. $1,000.00
Shireen Rivera $1,000.00
Washoe County Commission $1,000.00
Karen J. Lamp, Esq. $500.00
Devon Reese, Esq. $500.00
Sara Shatford Layne $500.00
Ben Galles $450.00
Gillian Vapnek $250.00
Beth Smith $250.00
Sara Shatford Layne $250.00
Gerardo Rodriguez, M.D. $200.00
David Scott $200.00
George Foster $200.00
Craig Seidel $150.00
Jafeth Salido-Sanchez PhD $400.00
Elaine Kellerman $150.00
Johnny's Restaurant Group $150.00
Michael Keating $100.00

Many other donors gave in smaller amounts; we are grateful to them as well.