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A woman sitting on top of a wooden floor.

Claudia Sanchez GRADUATED

Claudia Sanchez graduated on May 18, 2023 from the Orvis School of Nursing, at the University…

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A woman wearing glasses and a red neck gaiter.

Mariana Lopez Baez

Mariana Lopez Baez has been focused on becoming a nurse since high school. She graduated from…

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A young man sitting in front of christmas trees.

Anthony Becerra

Anthony Becerra is a senior at Edward Reed High School. Anthony is an exceptionally bright and…

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A woman with long hair wearing black is smiling.

Gisselle Cruz

Gisselle Cruz graduated from Reno High School with honors in June of 2023, earning an unadjusted…

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A woman standing in front of a book shelf.

Lizbeth Vega Lopez

Lizbeth Vega Lopez, the winner of the 2021 Albee Aryel Fellowship Award, is pursuing a Master’s…

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